SHAPE: personal
SKIN: -NIVARO- Emerson Skin – ghosttone – trailhair_stubble_bald – link
EYES: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Hazy Rainshower, w4) – link
FACIAL HAIR: *Trailerstar* Mutton chops V2 Light – link
TATTOO: Vestigium – Zodiac [scorpio] 2 – link
TATTOO: .:villena:. – Stay Gold light (male) – link
JACKET: BlankLIne_007Jacket_CamoKhaki – link
PANTS: BALKANIK2.0 – EvuzaJeans_Black (w/standard belt brown, gang black bandana & black chain) – link
SHOES: Adjunct – Jacob’s Ladder Boot – MENS Crude O Black – link
BERET: TonkTastic – Beret – link
FACE PIERCINGS: Cobrahive – Gauged – Silver/Black – link
NOSE PIERCING: Cobrahive – N-Swirl green – link
RIGHT EAR: .Pekka. Salacious Unisex Piercing – link
LEFT EAR: Cobrahive – Gauged Earring L hypno – link
CHEST PIERCING: Cobrahive – Noname Chain [piercing]- link
THROAT PIERCING: [-iPoke-] Low-Key (throat only) – link
BRACELET: MALE =C   (R)  [MANDALA] OKAKI Bracelet/Black – link
RING: Remarkable Oblivion – Death Valley – link
POSES: stakey – link
POSES: Purple Poses – link

there -will- be clipping issues with these jeans and boots, but sometimes there are more important things to worry about.

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